Things to See and Do in Australia

There is nothing more exhilarating and mind opening than traveling the world. Immersing yourself in new cultures, learning an additional language, and taking as many photos as humanly possible.

One of the most amazing destinations to travel to is Australia. However, due to the extremely long flight that it takes to get there, it is sadly one of the least experienced countries in the world. To help sway your next vacation decision, below are some great reasons to visit Australia.


If you love animals then you are going to love Australia. From the underwater playfulness of a Platypus which you can swim with at a sanctuary,  the cuddly softness that you feel when holding a Koala, to the thrill of playing with and feeding Kangaroos, Australia has a range of native animals which simply need to be seen and played with! And the best news of all, you can! Australian sanctuaries allow you to play with, feed and interact with the majority of the animals you can view.

Of course, not all native animals are in a sanctuary, with many of the more common types such as Kangaroos roaming freely throughout the country. While you shouldn’t expect to see Kangaroos or wildlife in big cities, smaller cities like Canberra, the Capital City, has Kangaroos which you can see each morning driving to work.


If you love taking gorgeous photos of the sun setting over a beach, the morning rays creeping their way over a snoozing city, or even empty nothingness then Australia and your camera are well matched. Due to the diverse landscape which Australia offers, photo bugs can expect to take an entire range of photos including sandy beaches, empty deserts, bustling cities, and small one-store towns.

Completely accessible by road, if you enjoy road tripping around a country taking photos then Australia is your next vacation destination. Australian roads offer many public spaces for you to stop and enjoy the scenery along with points of interest clearly marked with accessible exits and side roads.


Do you consider yourself quite the culinary expert? How about an established foodie? Do you have your own food blog with numerous subscribers waiting to hear about your tasty adventures? If you answered yes to any of those then head to the Groupon Coupons page for Journeys to pick up some hot weather appropriate clothing and book your ticket to Australia, because a world of new flavors is waiting for you.

Australia is considered one of the most multicultural countries in the world, with one of the many benefits being not only a range of original tastes but a range of exciting and interesting fusions style cuisines seen only in Australia. Whether it’s a cool hipster food vendor in a back alley or a Michelin star rated fine-dining restaurant, Australia has the flavor if you have the pallet!

Is it likely to be the longest flight of your life? Yes. Will you see, taste, and experience things which you never will in any other country? Absolutely! So go on, head to your favorite travel website and book that flight to Australia! You will be glad that you did! Just remember to stay out of the way of any wild Kangaroos!